Three IISc Faculty Members Honoured at Science Academy

Young and Brilliant: India’s Top Science Stars Honored with INSA Young Associates Awards

Three Indian Institute of Science (IISc) faculty members, Surendra Kumar Makineni, Ved Vivek Datar, and Awadhesh Narayan, have been recognized as Young Associates by the Indian National Science Academy (INSA). The first batch of the INSA Young Associates and Associate Fellows initiative has acknowledged the potential of young scientists in the country.

Makineni was recognized for his work in developing lightweight cobalt-base superalloys for high-temperature applications and his research in microscopy techniques for studying engineering alloys. Datar’s expertise in the differential geometry of Kahler manifolds and their connections with mathematical physics and complex algebraic geometry was highlighted by IISc. Narayan was recognized for his contributions to the field of quantum theory of materials.

The selection criteria for INSA Young Associates and Associate Fellows is based on scientific and technological research contributions, such as new discoveries, technological advancements, and economic impact. Nominees were evaluated based on publications, patents, scientific reports, and the impact of their work.

Young Associates will receive a one-time travel grant for attending international conferences within two years, starting in January of the following year, along with a certificate. They will also receive a monthly fellowship of Rs 10,000 for one year, starting in January of the subsequent year, through their respective institutes. This initiative aims to encourage young scientists to pursue research that can have a significant impact on society and contribute to India’s scientific development.


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