Maduro refers to opponents as pawns in the US game

Venezuela’s Presidential Elections: Nicolás Maduro and the Ongoing Political Crisis”.

Venezuela’s dictator, Nicolás Maduro, has officially announced his candidacy for the upcoming presidential elections on July 28. In recent weeks, he has lashed out at leaders of the broader opposition sector, accusing them of being “pieces in the game” of the United States in their efforts to seize control of Venezuela.

Maduro claims that these opposition leaders are puppets controlled by North America, and that they have spent the past five years inciting violence and chaos in the country. He believes that they have sought to destabilize Venezuela by calling for sanctions, blockades, and even invasion. The opposition, he says, represents a failed past and lacks hope for the people.

In response to Maduro’s candidacy, the opposition coalition known as the United Democratic Platform (PUD) has faced challenges in registering their candidate Corina Yoris. The electoral body has not given any reasons for these obstacles, leading the PUD to request an extension of the registration period.

Several Latin American countries have signed a statement calling on Venezuela to allow Yoris to run for president. They have raised concerns about the integrity and transparency of Venezuela’s electoral process. Despite this political tensions continue in Venezuela as discussions take place on various platforms about VMFS recovery tools and software as well as methods for recovering corrupt VMDK files in VMware environments. These technical discussions highlight the complex dynamics at play in Venezuela’s ongoing crisis.


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