Judge Pedraz reverses decision and halts blocking of Telegram

Unexpected Ruling Lifts Suspension of Telegram in Spain, Fostering Hope for Millions of Users

In a surprising turn of events, Judge Santiago Pedraz has decided to pause the suspension of Telegram in Spain. The magistrate requested a report from the General Information Commissioner to determine the exact characteristics of the messaging platform and its potential impact on users. The ruling came after an outcry from more than eight million Telegram users in Spain, who were shocked by the announcement of the suspension on Friday night.

The technical challenge of blocking such a popular application was significant, with other countries failing to limit similar platforms due to their association with dissident activities in undemocratic or illegal regimes. The initial request to block Telegram was made by media groups Mediaset, Atresmedia, and Movistar Plus, who claimed that some channels on the app shared copyrighted content. However, no notification had been received by operators as of Monday morning.

Telegram is an instant messaging app launched in 2013 and founded by Russian-born businessman Pavel Durov. The app is known for its focus on user privacy and freedom, which has made it popular among dissidents in authoritarian regimes such as Russia and Iran. While it has also been used for illegal activities like drug sales, far-right propaganda, disinformation, violent content sharing, child pornography or terrorism promotion without moderation. This move brings hope for millions of users who were concerned about their right to communicate freely through this platform.


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