Bethesda confirms playable version of “The Elder Scrolls VI” but release date years away

Unearthing the Secret: Bethesda Unveils a Playable Version of ‘The Elder Scrolls VI’ in 30th Anniversary Celebration”.

A hidden vault at Bethesda Game Studios contains a playable version of “The Elder Scrolls VI”. The developer made this revelation during a message celebrating the 30th anniversary of the popular fantasy franchise. The message focused on reviewing the history of the video game saga, starting from the release of “The Elder Scrolls: Arena” in 1994 and progressing through titles like “Daggerfall”, “Morrowind”, “Oblivion”, and “Skyrim”.

Towards the end of the message, the future of the franchise was discussed, specifically mentioning “The Elder Scrolls VI”. This game was announced in 2018, but only a brief teaser has been released so far. However, Microsoft, the owners of the franchise, have hinted that the game may not be released until 2028. Despite this delay, fans eagerly anticipate the next installment of this beloved franchise.

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