The search operation extended at Moscow region terrorist attack site until March 26

Tragic Events in Moscow: Rescue Operation at Crocus City Hall Continues

The search operation at the site of the terrorist attack in Crocus City Hall in Moscow has been extended until 17:00 on Tuesday, March 26. The death toll, which currently stands at 137, has not been updated since Sunday.

On Friday, March 22, four armed men entered the Crocus City Hall building and carried out a shooting spree, causing a fire that eventually led to their escape in a car. The FSB of the Russian Federation later announced the detention of all four suspects in the Bryansk region. The Islamic State claimed responsibility for the attack, and a total of 11 suspects have been detained.

Rescuers, dog handlers, and builders are still working tirelessly to clear debris at Crocus City Hall. The rescue operation was completed on Saturday evening, with 137 confirmed deaths, including three children. However, not all of the deceased have been identified, and about 100 victims remain in hospitals.

On March 24, the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations published a preliminary list of victims, including 68 individuals. The names of the victims were listed regardless of gender. Among those listed were Abdulova Tatyana Anatolyevna, Almukhametov Ilya Igorevich, Baklemyshev Alexander Borisovich and many others.

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The authorities are continuing their investigation into the incident while ensuring public safety remains their top priority.


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