Baltimore Bridge Collapse: Ship Crew Rescues Lives, Six Missing

Tragic Accident on Baltimore Bridge: Governor Moore Declares State of Emergency and Launches Large-Scale Search for Missing Workers

A tragic accident occurred on a bridge in Baltimore where several workers fell into the waters of the Patapsco River while repairing potholes. The incident led to a state of emergency declaration by Governor Moore, and a large-scale search operation was launched to find the missing workers. Two workers were rescued, with one in serious condition. However, the search for the other six missing workers is ongoing, utilizing boats and divers.

In photos of the accident, it appeared that the ship lost power before striking the bridge support. Work crews were present on the bridge at the time of collapse. Sonar detected multiple vehicles in the water, which is approximately 50 feet deep. Unfortunately, five vehicles were identified underwater with no victims inside them. Despite this tragedy, the workers managed to send an emergency message about the electricity problem, enabling officials to stop traffic on the bridge and prevent further casualties.

The collapse of this 1977-built bridge as part of Interstate 695 is expected to halt activity at the port of Baltimore. This port is critical for import and export shipments particularly for vehicle manufacturers like Nissan, Toyota, and General Motors. As a result, over 40 vessels are currently stranded at the port while incoming vessels are being diverted to other ports on the east coast. The impact on trade activity is significant with uncertainty surrounding when normal operations will resume.

Governor Moore has stated that his administration is working closely with emergency responders and transportation officials to address this crisis and ensure that all affected parties receive assistance as soon as possible.

The incident has prompted questions about safety measures taken by contractors working on bridges across Maryland’s major highways. Governor Moore has vowed to take action to ensure that all contractors follow strict safety guidelines and regulations.

As authorities continue their investigation into this incident, more information will become available regarding what caused this tragic event to occur.


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