The unexpected political upheaval in Iran after Raisi’s passing

The Uncertain Future of Iran’s Succession Struggle After Raisi’s Death: Navigating Political Ideology and Power Dynamics

Raz Zimet, a researcher at the Institute for National Security Studies (INSS) and the Alliance Center for Iranian Studies at Tel Aviv University, wrote last night about the potential impact of Raisi’s death on Iran’s future succession struggle. While it is expected that his passing will affect the succession process, Zimet believes that it is not solely about Khamenei’s successor.

With Raisi’s demise, some fear that Khamenei may seek to pass on power to his son, Mujataba. However, Zimet argues that this move would go against the core values of the Islamic Republic and could be perceived as unpopular and controversial since Mujtaba is not a high-level cleric.

According to Zimet, there are other options for Khamenei to choose from in selecting his successor. One possibility could be appointing a mid-level cleric from Iran’s Council of Experts. Khamenei will likely choose the candidate who receives his support while taking into account various factors in line with Iran’s recent ideological radicalization.

The final candidate chosen by Khamenei will have significant implications for Iran’s future direction. The uncertainty surrounding the succession process remains, and it is yet to be seen which path Khamenei will take in choosing his successor.


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