Report: Steelers set to sign Cordarrelle Patterson

The Steelers’ Kickoff Pursuit: How the Signing of Cordarrelle Patterson Could Boost Their Offense and Special Teams

The Pittsburgh Steelers have made a significant move to strengthen their team by signing veteran kick returner and offensive weapon Cordarrelle Patterson to a two-year, $6 million deal. This comes at an opportune time as the NFL has recently introduced new kickoff rules that could potentially increase the number of returns in the future, making Patterson’s skills even more valuable.

Patterson, a first-round pick in 2013, has had stints with several teams including the Vikings, Raiders, Patriots, Bears, and Falcons. With nine career kickoff returns for a touchdown, he holds the all-time record for this achievement. In addition to his special teams prowess, Patterson has also proven himself as a valuable offensive asset, contributing both as a runner and receiver. During his time with the Falcons in 2021, he amassed 1,166 yards from scrimmage.

The Steelers likely see Patterson as a key addition to their team due to his abilities as a kickoff returner. If he can exploit the new kickoff rules to break through coverage players and make long gains, Pittsburgh’s opponents may soon be forced to kick the ball through the end zone, giving the Steelers advantageous starting field position. This signing demonstrates the Steelers’ commitment to strengthening their team and pursuing success in the upcoming season.


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