Cam Sutton has been contacted by Mike Tomlin

The NFL’s Response to Cam Sutton’s Arrest and Well-Being – Concerns Raised at Owners Meeting

Pittsburgh head coach Mike Tomlin has stated that he had reached out to former Steelers cornerback Cam Sutton regarding the off-field issues that led to his release by the Detroit Lions. However, concerns have been raised about Sutton’s well-being as he has not made contact or turned himself in since news broke of a warrant being issued for his arrest in Florida on charges of domestic battery by strangulation. The NFL owners meeting is taking place this week and it is expected that questions will be directed at the Lions and Sutton’s former team, the Steelers.

Sutton was drafted in the third round of the 2017 NFL Draft and had a successful seven-year career with nine interceptions in 101 games before being released by the Lions just 24 hours after news broke of a warrant being issued for his arrest. The Lions plan to void Sutton’s $10.5 million guaranteed for the 2024 season. With no updates on his whereabouts, speculation and concerns continue to rise about Sutton’s well-being as he remains missing after five days.


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