Raúl González (Barceló) is known for his ability to sleep effortlessly, even while on his feet

The Fearless Traveler: Raúl González, CEO of Barceló Hotel Group and a Master of Connection.

Raúl González, a Spanish hotel executive, grew up in Guardo (Palencia) and has been in the tourism industry for decades. His love for traveling and meeting new people is evident as he takes around 200 flights per year, which he sees as crucial to his work. Despite the demands of his job, González believes it’s essential to maintain a work-life balance and ensure quality time with family without distractions.

González has evolved from an economist to a relationship builder over the years. He emphasizes the importance of understanding and connecting with people from different backgrounds, including team members, hotel owners, and other stakeholders. Despite the challenges of the industry, González admits that taking risks and being fearless is necessary to succeed in the market.

In terms of stress management, González advises temperance and respectful communication to avoid tension impacting those around him. He also acknowledges that self-reflection and humility are critical in decision-making, allowing for continuous improvement in his work.

González grew up in Bilbao but currently resides in Palma de Mallorca as CEO for Europe, Africa, and the Middle East of Barceló Hotel Group. Despite his busy schedule, he enjoys spending time with his family during quality moments away from work.


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