Lufthansa aims to transform AUA into a budget airline

The Escalating Collective Bargaining Agreement Dispute at AUA Leads to Flight Cancellations During Easter: Lufthansa, Union Criticize Each Other, Call for Negotiations”.

The dispute over the collective bargaining agreement at AUA continues to escalate, leading to flight cancellations over Easter. Annette Mann, the board chairwoman of AUA, described the demands of the Vida union as “absolutely unrealistic” in a recent interview. Meanwhile, Roman Hebenstreit, chairman of Vida, criticized both AUA and Lufthansa-Group for their handling of the situation and apologized to air travelers for the disruptions over the holiday weekend.

Hebenstreit pointed out the inequalities in pay between Lufthansa and AUA employees, citing a 40% difference in salaries. He emphasized that fair compensation is essential for employees, especially considering their responsibility for ensuring passenger safety. He also criticized management for collecting bonuses while withholding wage components from employees, stating that collective bargaining is necessary to resolve these issues.

In response to accusations that Vida’s strikes and demands are harming the industry, Hebenstreit argued that Lufthansa’s profits demonstrate that the company can afford to meet union demands. He emphasized that AUA workers should not bear the brunt of cost-cutting measures.

Looking ahead, Hebenstreit called on both sides to return to negotiations after Easter strikes. He urged Annette Mann to participate in talks to find a resolution to the dispute. Additionally, he criticized suggestions that AUA may be transformed into a low-cost airline and stated that this will not be acceptable by the workforce.

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