Maria Corina Machado Party alerts Maduro’s intention to continue persecution in Venezuela

The Democratic Unitary Platform Condemns Nicolas Maduro’s Persecution of Democracy in Venezuela and Urges Change through Elections in 2024

The Democratic Unitary Platform (PUD), the primary opposition alliance in Venezuela, has expressed concerns about the government of Nicolas Maduro continuing its persecution of democratic forces. The coalition has condemned Maduro’s classification of Sell Venezuela (VV), a member of the alliance led by Maria Corina Machado, as a “terrorist” group. They emphasized that false accusations against Venezuelans, political parties, and civil organizations not only violate human rights but also worsen the regime’s authoritarianism.

The PUD highlighted that Maduro’s actions are targeting VV and democratic forces, including Maria Corina Machado, in a cowardly attempt to suppress those working for change in Venezuela. The platform warned both Venezuelans and the international community about this attack by Maduro and reaffirmed its commitment to bringing about change through electoral and democratic means in 2024.

Currently, the PUD’s candidate for the presidential elections is Edmund Gonzalez Urrutia, who was registered after the initial nominee, Corina Yoris, was disqualified. Urrutia can be replaced by April 1st, provided he has no administrative sanctions or legal impediments. The PUD has faced obstacles in nominating its candidate, leading to denunciations from the international community.

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