Tennessee Voters’ View of State Economy Positive, But Less Optimistic About U.S. Economy • Tennessee Lookout

Tennessee Voters Confident in their State’s Economy, but Critical of the National Economy: Poll Results Show a Wide Gap between Party Lines

A recent poll by Vanderbilt University revealed that a majority of Tennessee voters believe their state’s economy is doing well, in contrast to only a third who feel the same way about the national economy. This gap between state and national perceptions is the largest since the survey began in 2012 and appears to be influenced by political party affiliations.

According to John Geer, co-director of the Vanderbilt Poll, when President Donald Trump took office in 2017, Tennessee voters’ views on the national economy shifted from split to overwhelmingly positive. However, when Democratic President Joe Biden came to power in 2021, this trend reversed. Geer also noted that inflation has played a significant role in shaping these perceptions, with Republicans expressing more negative views than Democrats.

The survey found that 91% of state Republican voters believe the U.S. economy is bad, while only 30% share the same sentiment about their state’s economy. On the other hand, Democrats had a less pronounced split, with 35% viewing their state’s economy as bad and 36% having a similar opinion of the national economy. The poll was conducted by Vanderbilt University Center for the Study of Democratic Institutions and is considered a nonpartisan local poll, with board members representing both Republican and Democratic political viewpoints. The most recent survey polled 1,003 Tennessee registered voters from April 26 to May 9.


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