Voice Technology Increases Efficiency by 35% for Tasty Fresh

Tasty Fresh Partners with Dematic for Cost-Effective Automated Solution: Improving Productivity, Efficiency and Accuracy in Supply Chain Management

Tasty Fresh is a company that delivers fresh and hot food, snacks, and drinks directly to workplaces. With a customer base of over 35,000 per day, the company decided to partner with Dematic in order to transition from a manual operation to an automated system. The goal was to increase efficiency, productivity, and accuracy within the organization.

One of the key solutions implemented by Tasty Fresh was the Dematic Voice Directed Picking system. This system provided a seamless, hands-free, and eyes-up solution that guided operators through their workflows. Team members at Tasty Fresh were able to receive instructions on which products and quantities were needed through a mobile device and voice headset. By keeping their focus on the task at hand, workers were able to quickly locate, pick, and pack the correct items. The system also helped to reduce errors by up to 50%.

The Dematic Voice Directed Picking system was not only cost-effective but also easy to install. It led to a 35% improvement in productivity for Tasty Fresh. To learn more about the benefits Tasty Fresh has seen in their supply chain, read the full case study and scan the QR code to see the Dematic automated solution in action.


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