Government unity on work and unemployment insurance led by Gabriel Attal

Tackling France’s Deficit: Government Seeks to Boost Employment and Reform Unemployment Insurance

The government has announced that it is looking to make savings in order to address a significant deficit in the budget, which escalated out of control last year. On Wednesday morning, Gabriel Attal gathered the entire government in Matignon for a seminar similar to a Council of Ministers meeting, focusing on work-related topics such as social spending and employment.

The Prime Minister has stated that the government will continue to prioritize rigor and responsibility with a focus on work, as the more French people who are employed, the better their chances are at balancing their finances. The seminar will include discussions on encouraging people to return to work through reforms such as the RSA and unemployment insurance, as well as issues like de-employment, low wages, and new forms of work like the four-day week.

In light of France’s public deficit reaching 5.5% of GDP in 2023 according to INSEE, the government had to make 10 billion euros in cuts to the 2024 budget in mid-February. Additional savings will be necessary this year and especially in the 2025 budget, estimated to be “at least 20 billion” euros. To address these financial challenges, the government is considering various avenues such as a new unemployment insurance reform that unions are contesting.

One key proposal being discussed is a reduction in the duration of compensation for the unemployed, with the argument that structural reforms are necessary to achieve full employment. This proposal is expected to take at least a year before having an impact on public accounts. The government is looking for financial margins especially in the employment sector where few margins currently exist.

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