Nearly half of companies scaling back investments in Finland amid strikes – “Economy’s pillars shaken”

Strikes in Finland: Consequences for Investment and Production

Finland’s ongoing political strikes have led to companies limiting production and reducing investments, according to a survey conducted by Teknologiateollisuus ry. Large companies were particularly harshly affected by the situation, with 20 percent stating they would invest significantly less in Finland and 32 percent saying they would invest slightly less. Medium-sized companies reported that the effect of the strikes on investment decisions was minor, but some have already transferred their production to foreign units. Logistics strikes have also affected companies, with nearly a third reporting that they had to close or limit their production. Customers were also affected, leading to concerns about reputational damage. The government is enacting a law to limit the duration of political strikes to 24 hours, which could alleviate concerns for companies affected by the strikes. However, industry representatives emphasized the wide-ranging effects of the strikes at a press conference, including potential moves to other countries and concerns about workplace atmosphere and foreign investment. Despite potential laws to limit strikes, the impact on companies’ investment decisions remains uncertain.


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