Project proposal to declare agricultural emergency in response to severe corn pest outbreak.

Spreading Corn Leafhopper Pest Causes Agricultural Emergency; Legislators Offer Tax Incentives to Combat Outbreak

The corn leafhopper, an insect vector of the deadly Spiroplasma kunkeli bacteria, has caused an agricultural emergency in several provinces in Argentina. National deputies Luis Picat and Martin Ardohain have introduced a project to address the issue and minimize its impact.

The project has three stages: tax benefits, zoning, and rural real estate tax exemptions or postponements. The first stage involves providing income tax payment benefits to affected producers. The second stage uses satellite images to determine the affected areas and establish management protocols for producers to follow. The third stage exempts or postpones the payment of rural real estate tax based on each province’s agreement.

The pest has spread rapidly this year, affecting provinces like Córdoba, Santa Fe, Entre Ríos, and La Pampa. The Buenos Aires Cereal Exchange has reduced the corn harvest by 2.5 million tons due to the pest and heat wave, with further damage expected. An estimated 360,000 hectares across 27 departments could be significantly affected by the pest. Areas in Santa Fe, Córdoba, and Entre Ríos are experiencing severe outbreaks, leading to production losses.

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