Spotify experiments with video-based educational courses in new content format

Spotify Expands Learning Opportunities with Video-Based Courses in UK

Spotify is introducing a new content option for UK users, allowing them to purchase video-based courses on various topics such as music creation, business, and healthy living. The platform already offers music, podcasts, and audiobooks, with new subscription options being introduced in the US like audiobooks.

The video-based courses are partnered with educational technology companies like BBC Maestro, PLAYvirtuoso, Skillshare, and Thinkific. These courses are categorized into themes like music, creativity, business, and health. Users can access two lessons per course for free as part of the test in the UK, with the option to purchase full access to all lessons on the platform’s website.

The courses will be available on both desktop and mobile versions of Spotify, allowing users to explore and purchase courses in various categories. With video-based learning courses, Spotify aims to offer educational creators a new audience to access their video content. Approximately half of Spotify Premium subscribers have consumed podcasts with educational or self-help topics, indicating a strong interest in educational content among users.


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