Benefits of avoiding cell phone use while walking

Smartphone use while walking: Consequences on posture, attention and risk of falls

The smartphone has become a ubiquitous device that most people carry with them wherever they go. Whether tucked away in a pocket or visible in the hands of its users, the smartphone is a constant presence while walking. However, this multitasking behavior not only increases the risk of accidents but also has consequences on our posture, attention, and walking pattern.

When using a smartphone while walking, one noticeable change in body posture is the bent arm holding the phone and the head tilted forward. This posture affects the natural arm swing that helps stabilize the body and improve balance while walking. The static contraction of the arm and the forward head position can lead to shoulder pain and neck strain due to increased stress on these muscles.

The continuous use of a smartphone while walking can also cause visual fatigue and accommodation stress, making it difficult for the eyes to adjust focus between the screen and the surrounding environment. Additionally, diverting attention to the phone can lead to changes in the walking pattern, resulting in a less fluid gait and increased risk of tripping or falling.

Research has shown that using a cell phone while walking alters the natural walking pattern, reducing speed, increasing deviation, and affecting step length and width. The cognitive load of the activity performed on the phone can further modify the walking pattern and slow down reaction times to unexpected events in the environment.

The use of mobile phones while walking has been linked to an increased risk of falls and accidents in urban environments, with a significant number of incidents related to smartphone use. Moreover,


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