Ernst Selects Small Business of the Week, …

Senator Ernst Celebrates Ruthven Meat Processing’s 22nd Business Anniversary and Recognizes Them as Small Business of the Week

In 2024, Ruthven Meat Processing of Palo Alto County will be celebrating its 22nd business anniversary. Founded in 2002 by Terry and Beth Kraft, the business has since expanded its reach with locations in Arnolds Park, Spencer, and Spirit Lake. Ranking Member of the Senate Small Business Committee, U.S. Senator Joni Ernst (R-Iowa), recently recognized Ruthven Meat Processing as her Small Business of the Week for its commitment to providing high-quality meats and cheeses to customers in northwest Iowa.

The team at Ruthven Meat Processing is known for expertly cutting products and has received numerous awards from the Iowa Meat Processors Association for their excellence in the field. In 2019, Chris Kraft took over the business from his parents and now serves as president and CEO, while his wife Suzie is the vice president of marketing. The family’s leadership has helped to maintain Ruthven Meat Processing’s reputation for quality products and exceptional service.

Ranking Member Ernst plans to highlight a small business in each of Iowa’s 99 counties during this Congress. She looks forward to recognizing more local businesses like Ruthven Meat Processing that are making a positive impact on their communities. Stay tuned for more highlights from Senator Ernst as she celebrates the achievements of small businesses across the state.


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