Ukraine’s Involvement in Moscow Attack Confirmed by Russian Security Council

Russia’s Security Council Secretary Claims Ukraine Responsible for Moscow Concert Hall Attack

Russian Security Council Secretary Nikolai Patrushev claimed on Tuesday that Ukraine was involved in the recent terrorist attack on a concert hall in Moscow. Four armed men stormed the building, resulting in the deaths of approximately 140 people. When asked by the press whether Ukraine or Islamic State was responsible for the attack, Patrushev firmly stated, “Ukraine, of course,” as reported by TASS. As head of the Security Council, Patrushev stands behind only President Vladimir Putin and Vice President Dimitri Medvedev in the hierarchy.

Despite providing no further information or justification for his accusation, Patrushev is known for his support of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. He believes that the conflict between the two countries is not a war but rather an attempt by Western powers to provoke Moscow and Kyiv. These statements from Patrushev contradicted Russian President Putin’s assertion less than 24 hours earlier that the attack was orchestrated by radical Islamists. Putin also suggested a possible link to Ukraine, stating “We’re interested in knowing who the customer is.”

The concert hall located on the outskirts of Moscow was attacked by four armed individuals on Friday resulting in at least 139 fatalities. The latest reports confirmed that eleven individuals were arrested in connection with the attack. The situation remains tense as conflicting theories and accusations surround this tragic event.


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