New Downtown Shop Brewing Up Fresh Coffee

Roanoke’s Asher’s Coffee Beans: Unleashing a World of Flavors One Blend at a Time

Jacob Asher Galbraith, a native of Northern Virginia who is pursuing a career in the food and beverage industry, owns Asher’s Coffee Beans. Located at 425 Campbell Ave S.W. in Roanoke, the coffee shop offers about 17 different blends and single origin coffees sourced from around the world. Galbraith holds a degree in culinary nutrition from Johnson & Wales University and has previously worked as a chef at Wilderness Adventure in New Castle and headed dining services at Springtree Health & Rehabilitation Center in Roanoke.

Galbraith started his coffee business with a pop-up event at a hardware store in Salem before expanding to farmer’s markets and beginning wholesaling his coffee. He recently opened the store and roasts his beans at the LEAP kitchen using an Aillio Bullet drum roaster. The current best-selling roast is a low-acid blend from Peru, but customers can enjoy a variety of other blends and single origin coffees as well.

Asher’s Coffee Beans stands out from other coffee shops in the area with its commitment to quality coffee and expertise in the culinary arts. Galbraith’s dedication to sourcing the finest beans from different regions has set his shop apart, offering customers an unparalleled taste experience. Whether you prefer classic blends or unique single origin coffees, Asher’s Coffee Beans has something for everyone.


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