LG introduces Primefocus Health platform to enable healthcare providers in delivering home healthcare services

Revolutionizing Healthcare: LG Electronics Introduces Primefocus Health Platform for Remote Patient Monitoring and Treatment Access

LG Electronics is introducing a new venture called Primefocus Health, which aims to create a healthcare delivery platform for providers. This platform will use technologies and therapies to enable remote patient monitoring and provide patients with access to new treatments through technology applications.

The launch of Primefocus Health marks the first platform introduced by LG Electronics North America Innovation Center and LG NOVA. The company hopes to leverage its trusted reputation with consumers worldwide to gain their trust in managing their healthcare through technology.

LG has been focusing on expanding its presence in home healthcare, with a vision to extend care from hospitals into patients’ homes. Atul Singh, general manager of digital health at LG NOVA, explained how the company aims to utilize consumer electronics to improve health outcomes. By offering care services through appliances and devices that consumers are already familiar with, LG hopes to provide a seamless transition for patients from hospital care to home care.

CEO Darren Sabo expressed the company’s commitment to revolutionizing patient care at home, emphasizing the importance of personalized, accessible, and effective care. The platform will integrate with electronic health record systems and utilize AI and machine learning capabilities. Providers will be able to collect patient data, communicate with patients, monitor progress, and intervene when necessary. With Primefocus Health, LG Electronics is set to transform the way people manage their healthcare at home.


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