New DAC Technology Offers Capture Prices Under $100

Revolutionizing Carbon Mitigation: New Advancements in Direct Air Capture Technology Make DAC More Affordable than Ever Before

Carbon mitigation efforts are seeing a major boost thanks to innovative technologies that are revolutionizing the process of removing CO2 directly from the air. These new advancements in emerging technologies have the potential to drop costs below $100 per ton, making direct air capture (DAC) technology more affordable for many potential buyers seeking to purchase CO2 removal credits (CDRs) to offset their emissions.

Experts have long emphasized the importance of bringing DAC costs below $150 per ton in order to promote widespread adoption of this technology. While most DAC technologies are currently estimated to cost anywhere from $400/ton to $1,000/ton or even higher, these new advancements offer hope for achieving this crucial cost target sooner than expected.

This breakthrough could have far-reaching implications for carbon mitigation efforts and the fight against climate change. With lower costs, DAC technology could become more accessible to a wider range of industries and individuals looking to offset their carbon emissions and contribute to global efforts towards reducing greenhouse gas emissions.


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