Presidential Elections in Iran Scheduled for June 28th

Raisi’s Successor to be Elected in Iran amidst Political Uncertainty and International Scrutiny”.

The Iranian authorities have announced that the upcoming presidential elections will take place on June 28 to choose the successor of Ebrahim Raisi, who tragically passed away in a helicopter accident in East Azerbaijan province on Sunday. The decision to hold the elections was made following a meeting led by interim president Mohamad Mojber, along with the president of Parliament and the head of the judicial apparatus. Candidates for the Presidency can register from May 30 to June 3, and the official electoral campaign will commence on June 12 and conclude on June 27, according to IRNA news agency.

Raisi took office as president in 2021, succeeding moderate Hassan Rohani after winning a landslide victory in the elections. His unexpected death necessitated the organization of new elections in a short period of time, as per constitutional clauses. Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, the supreme leader, has already given his approval for the formation of a council to oversee the elections within the stipulated 50-day timeframe.

While Raisi’s election marked a significant shift in Iran’s political landscape with ultraconservatives returning to power, it is yet unclear whether this trend will continue with his successor. The upcoming elections will be closely monitored both domestically and internationally as Iran prepares to elect its next leader.

The Iranian Constitution mandates that if an elected president dies before taking office or resigns during their term, they must be replaced by a council comprising key government officials until new elections are held. This provision is aimed at ensuring stability and avoiding any vacuum in leadership during such times.

The upcoming presidential elections are critical not only for Iran’s internal politics but also for its relations with other countries. As such, there are concerns about how foreign powers may react to Raisi’s replacement.

In conclusion, while Raisi’s premature demise has accelerated the process of holding presidential elections in Iran, it remains uncertain how his replacement will affect Iran’s political landscape and relations with other countries.


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