Bukele declares state of emergency in El Salvador to crackdown on gangs

President Bukele’s Bold Military Operation in El Salvador: Combatting Criminal Activities and Bringing Peace to the Nation

In a bold move to combat the rise of criminal activities in El Salvador, President Nayib Bukele announced on Sunday the launch of a massive military operation in the northern part of the country. The operation, which involves five thousand soldiers and a thousand police officers, aims to dismantle gang-related crimes in neighborhoods such as San José Cancasque, San Antonio Los Ranchos, Potonico, and San Isidro Labrador.

President Bukele made it clear that this operation will continue until all remnants of gang activities are eradicated from the region. This decision was made in response to two recent homicides that occurred in the area. The culprits, who were members of the 18 Sureños gang, have already been captured.

The president’s actions have been widely supported by Salvadoran citizens who have praised his efforts in fighting organized crime since he took office in 2019. As a result of his efforts, El Salvador has seen a significant decrease in its homicide rate. In fact, under Bukele’s administration, strict measures have been implemented against crime, resulting in a drastic reduction in homicides and contributing to a safer environment for Salvadoran citizens.

This military operation is not new for El Salvador as similar operations have been conducted in the past with great success. Last year alone involved eight thousand personnel resulting in the arrest of crime leaders. President Bukele has proven himself to be a leader who is determined to rid his country of criminal elements and restore peace and order.


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