Trump agrees to debate with Biden and asserts he is prepared for the showdown.

President Biden Challenges Trump to Debate Twice Before Elections: Will the Rival Accept?

President Biden has extended an invitation to his rival, Donald Trump, to participate in two debates before the November elections. In a playful video posted online, Biden challenged Trump by saying, “Give me a treat, buddy. I’m ready to do it even twice. Let’s set the dates, Donald. I heard you’re free on Wednesdays.” This comment was in reference to the days that the New York court takes a break where Trump has been facing a criminal case for a month.

Trump quickly accepted Biden’s challenge and announced that he would participate in two debates before the November elections. Biden then proposed that they hold two earlier debates this year instead of the fall presidential debates sponsored by the non-partisan commission.

Biden’s campaign suggested that the first debate be held at the end of June and the second in September, before early voting begins. Trump responded positively and joked about providing transportation for Biden. However, Biden’s camp expressed concerns about the Commission on Presidential Debates and has been exploring alternative debate options organized by news organizations.

Biden first indicated his willingness to debate Trump during an interview with radio host Howard Stern, stating, “I’m somewhere. I do not know when


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