On-board staff strike looming closer

Potential Austrian Airlines Strike Threatens 3,500 On-Board Staff and Millions in Revenue

Austrian Airlines is facing a potential strike by its on-board staff this week, involving at least 3,500 employees. Negotiations for a collective agreement ended without a resolution on Sunday, and there were no talks on Monday. However, both parties are willing to continue discussions.

Unionist Daniel Liebhart of the vida union has stated that the union is prepared to negotiate at any time and has set aside a room for talks at the ÖGB. The union has emphasized the importance of financial numbers in their offer to Austrian Airlines.

Spokeswoman Sophie Matkovits of Austrian Airlines says that the airline is eager to discuss their offer but requires significant movement from the union. Matkovits adds that a decision regarding flight cancellations due to the strike threat will be made on Tuesday. If flights are cancelled, it could cost the airline approximately 15 million euros and affect about 430 flights for 52,000 passengers. Austrian Airlines is already offering potentially affected customers the option to rebook or cancel their flights free of charge if necessary.

In case of flight cancellations, Austrian Airlines must provide replacement transportation to passengers, which could involve flights with other airlines, train or bus journeys or compensation for those unable to find alternatives. Both sides have a high stake in negotiations as the union seeks better financial terms while Austrian Airlines calculates offers based on inflation and one-off payments. Despite the looming strike threat, both parties are open to further discussions to reach a resolution.


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