Warnings about scams issued by Better Business Bureau after severe storms

Post-Storm Scams: Protecting Yourself from Unscrupulous Contractors in Wichita Falls

In the aftermath of a storm like Wichita Falls, Texas, homeowners are often in need of repairs. Unfortunately, scammers often take advantage of this vulnerability to offer fake contracting services and trick unsuspecting homeowners out of their money. The Better Business Bureau warns that these scammers may pose as legitimate contractors in order to gain the trust of homeowners.

Monica Horton, the president of the BBB, recommends that homeowners be cautious and not make hasty decisions when approached by door-to-door solicitors offering services. Before agreeing to any services, Horton advises homeowners to always ask to see a solicitation permit. In Wichita Falls, solicitors are required to have a permit in order to conduct business door-to-door. This permit serves as proof that the solicitor is licensed and registered with the city and can be trusted to provide legitimate services.

One of the main red flags to watch out for is a solicitor pressuring the homeowner for upfront payment with no intention of following through on their promises. Homeowners should never pay for services upfront without verifying that the solicitor has a valid license and insurance coverage. It is also important to check for references and reviews from past clients before hiring any contractor or service provider.

To protect themselves from falling victim to fraudulent schemes, residents should do their research and stay informed about potential scams in their area. By being vigilant and cautious when hiring contractors or service providers, homeowners can save themselves from costly mistakes and ensure that their repairs are completed by qualified professionals.

In summary, after a storm like Wichita Falls, it’s important for homeowners to be aware of potential scams and take steps to protect themselves from falling victim. This includes being cautious when approached by door-to-door solicitors offering services, asking for proof of license and insurance coverage before paying for services upfront, doing research on potential contractors or service providers before making a decision, and staying informed about potential scams in their area.


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