Portugal’s Parliament reconvenes to vote for president after initial election inconclusive

Portuguese Parliament Faces Difficulty in Electing President amid Political Divide

The new Portuguese Parliament faced difficulty in electing a president on Tuesday after three votes, prompting a postponement of the decision until the following day. Despite the impasse, the temporary president of the Assembly of the Republic, Antonio Filipe, lightened the mood by joking about not staying overnight at the official residence until the next day.

The legislative elections in March led to a closely divided chamber, making it challenging to secure an absolute majority for any candidate. In the final vote of the day, neither José Pedro Aguiar-Branco nor Francisco Assis received enough support to be elected, leading to a decision to reconvene the next day for another round of voting.

The first vote saw Aguiar-Branco as the sole candidate, followed by a second vote with additional candidates Assis and Manuela Tender. None of the candidates secured an absolute majority, necessitating a third vote that also ended inconclusively. The closely contested election results have highlighted the complexities of governing in this term, with major parties like AD, PSD, and Chega jockeying for position.

The leader of Chega, André Ventura, revealed disagreements within the center-right coalition AD regarding potential alliances with


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