Thief leads police on chase through Miami-Dade on stolen orange sports motorbike

Police Officer Recognizes Suspended Driver, Fleeing on Stolen Sports Motorbike in Leisure City

On Monday evening in Leisure City, Ezequiel Brown, 44, was recognized by detectives in an unmarked police car for riding a stolen sports motorbike. Despite being ordered to stop, Brown refused and fled recklessly on the motorbike.

Brown’s license had been suspended on March 11, but he continued to drive despite attempts by the police to use emergency equipment on the unmarked car. He eventually abandoned the motorbike and ran near Southwest 288 Street and Kentucky Road where he was apprehended by detectives.

Brown was arrested shortly before 7 p.m. on Monday and booked into the Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center after midnight on Tuesday. In court, he faced charges stemming from four cases including grand theft, fleeing and eluding police, driving with a suspended license, and reckless driving. His bond was set at $5,300, and Miami-Dade County Circuit Judge Laura Maria Gonzalez-Marques presided over the case.

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