NFL trade deadline extended to after Week 9

NFL Trade Deadline: A Compromise Between Competitive Integrity and Flexibility

The NFL trade deadline will be moved to the Tuesday after Week 9, starting in the 2024 season. This rule change was approved during the NFL’s annual meetings, with a proposal from Cleveland Browns general manager Andrew Berry garnering support from several teams.

However, it was not Berry’s original proposal that received approval. Instead, the Pittsburgh Steelers’ proposal to push the deadline back only one week passed with necessary three-fourths approval. Berry had argued that his proposal would give teams greater flexibility as they approached the second half of the regular season and maintain competitive integrity by providing more time before considering roster changes.

Berry also pointed out that since 2012, the NFL trade deadline has fallen on the Tuesday after Week 8. However, this new deadline falls after Week 9 and is seen as a compromise that allows for added flexibility while ensuring teams remain competitive heading into the latter part of the season.


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