Peacock to Stream Another NFL Game in September

NFL Game in Brazil: Peacock’s Streaming Service Expands into International Markets

Peacock, Comcast’s streaming service, has announced that it will be airing another NFL game in September. This time, the game will feature the Philadelphia Eagles and take place in Sao Paulo, Brazil on a Friday. The last time Peacock streamed an NFL game was during the playoffs in January, which was well-received by fans and the NFL.

Despite some controversy surrounding the last game, where viewers had to subscribe to a streaming service to watch it, this upcoming game is expected to attract less attention due to its status as a regular season match. However, the timing and location of the game may lead to some complaints from fans.

Despite potential criticism, Peacock is likely to continue streaming NFL games in the future. The success of the playoff game in January resulted in record broadband usage and high ratings, convincing Peacock that there is an audience for these exclusive NFL streams. Nearly 3 million people signed up for Peacock to watch the playoff game in January and most of them have continued their subscription to the service.


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