Sports bettors shy away from Yankees and Mets as 2024 MLB season approaches

New York Baseball Teams, Yankees and Mets, Predicted to Miss the Playoffs in 2024

According to data from BetMGM Sportsbook, the New York baseball teams, the Yankees and Mets, are not expected to do well in the 2024 season. The two teams are among the most bet-on teams to miss the playoffs, with only the Rangers being ahead of them in that regard.

Despite their struggles, both teams are still seen as solid postseason contenders by oddsmakers. The Yankees have the second-best postseason odds in the American League, only behind the Astros. In the AL East, they are tied with the Orioles at +180 and have gotten the second-fewest bets at BetMGM to win the division. On the other hand, Mets have seen their win total decrease from 82.5 to 81.5 wins after a disappointing 2023 season and a quiet offseason. They are considered long shots for the NL Wild Card race and have +145 odds to make


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