Sheriff in Lake County attributes arrest to technology following pursuit

New Technology Helps Lake County Sheriff’s Department Make Arrest in High-Speed Car Chase involving Stolen Vehicle

In a high-speed chase involving a stolen car, the Lake County Sheriff’s Department made an arrest thanks to technology. According to Sheriff’s Department spokeswoman Pam Jones, an officer received an alert from the department’s license plate reader network about a stolen vehicle heading eastbound on the Borman expressway shortly before noon on March 26. When the officer located the vehicle and attempted to make a traffic stop, the driver chose to flee at high speeds.

The driver led officers through Gary and Lake Station, eventually continuing into Porter County via Indiana Highway 49. Following the pursuit, officers executed a maneuver to stop the vehicle and apprehended the driver without any further incident. It was later confirmed that the vehicle had been reported stolen from Broadview, Illinois, Jones explained.

Sheriff Oscar Martinez Jr. emphasized the importance of technology in aiding officers to swiftly solve crimes such as stolen vehicle cases and make arrests before individuals have the opportunity to commit more offenses. He expressed a commitment to continuing to enhance the sheriff’s department by investing in new technology that can assist officers in their duties.

Michelle L. Quinn, a freelance reporter for the Post-Tribune, contributed to this report.


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