Luis Lucero appointed as the new Secretary of Mining by Javier Milei’s Government

New Secretary of Mining Appointed by Javier Milei to Boost Argentina’s Mining Sector

The Ministry of Economy has announced that Luis Lucero will be the new Secretary of Mining, as appointed by the Government of Javier Milei. As a lawyer specializing in mining law, natural resources, project financing, corporate matters and complex arbitrations and litigation, Lucero has extensive experience in the industry.

Lucero received his postgraduate degree in Business Law from Universidad Argentina de la Empresa and completed various specialization courses at institutions such as Harvard Law School, Columbia Business School and University College London (UCL). Prior to his appointment, he worked at Marval O’Farrell Mairal law firm and other prominent legal firms in the country as well as Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman in the United States.

The Mining Secretariat, led by Lucero, is responsible for developing and implementing mining policy in Argentina. It works closely with provinces, municipalities, investors and companies to coordinate international cooperation and maximize the country’s geological-mining potential. Last year, Argentina exported $4 billion worth of minerals with projections to reach $20-25 billion by 2030 particularly with the development of copper projects and lithium production potential.

Lucero’s appointment highlights the government’s commitment to promoting sustainable development while maximizing Argentina’s mining potential. His expertise in mining law will ensure that policies are implemented effectively while protecting the rights of all stakeholders involved.


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