Decree Introducing Psycho-Aptitude Tests for Judicial Access Approved by Council of Ministers

New Rules for Judicial Selection: Psycho-aptitude Tests and Career Separation in the Italian Judiciary

The Council of Ministers has approved a legislative decree introducing psycho-aptitude tests for access to the judiciary, as announced by Minister of Justice Carlo Nordio at a press conference following the Council meeting. Additionally, the government has reduced the number of magistrates out of office to 180. Nordio explained that the new rule will not come into effect until 2026 to prevent any negative impact on essential bodies of magistrates in the current state.

Regarding the separation of careers in the judiciary, Nordio stated that there is no set date for the examination of this measure in the Council of Ministers, but it is part of the government program and will be implemented as soon as possible, likely by spring. The exact timing is uncertain, but it is imminent.

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