NFL owners approve proposal to penalize hip-drop tackles

New Penalty for Hip-Drop Tackles: The NFL’s Unanimous Agreement and Player Union Concerns”.

During the league meetings on Monday, there was a unanimous agreement among teams to implement a new penalty for hip-drop tackles. The measure received approval in a vote by team owners, announced by the NFL on Monday. This change in rules will result in a 15-yard penalty for hip-drop tackles during games, and players could also face fines from the league. The NFL stated that hip-drop tackles lead to significantly more injuries compared to other types of tackles, with a rate of 20-25 times higher.

Despite the support for the penalty, the NFL Players Association expressed concerns about the rule change, stating that it would cause confusion for players, coaches, and others involved in the sport. However, with the decision made, everyone will now have to adjust to the enforcement of the rule during the upcoming 2024 season.


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