MS Energy Unveils New Electric Bikes and Scooters with Enhanced Materials and Extended Range

MS Energy’s Futuristic Electric Bicycles and Scooters Dominate Croatian Market

In Zagreb, Croatian brand MS Energy unveiled a new line of electric bicycles and scooters. The company has quickly risen to the top of the domestic market, holding a 25% share in eRomobiles and a 20% share in eBicycles, according to market data.

The new models of eBicycles, made in their production facility near Zagreb, are known for their futuristic design that sets them apart from the competition. They are easy to drive, maintain, practical for everyday use, and exude elegance. Jasna Pulić, the marketing director, stated that MS Energy focuses on functional design with advanced solutions to meet the needs of modern users.

Boris Kozi, the Product Group Manager at MS Energy, highlighted the innovative features and performance of the new eBicycles. These bikes were designed for urban mobility in today’s demanding environment. Leo Mehičić presented the new line of eRomobils under the MS Energy brand during the event. He showcased their advanced technical specifications such as puncture-resistant tires and smart locking systems. The scooters are designed with sophisticated features to enhance performance and extended battery life.

MS Energy introduced five models of eRomobils with different motor capacities and ranges during their presentation at Zagreb. They also presented four new bicycles with various features catering to different preferences and needs. The brand emphasized its commitment to continuous development and expansion in target markets during the event.

Moving forward, MS Energy plans to monitor user needs and market trends while investing in product development and expanding production capacities. Their focus on innovation and quality sets them apart in the electric bicycles and scooters market.

In conclusion, MS Energy has become a leading brand in Croatia’s electric vehicle industry due to its focus on innovation and quality products that cater to modern users’ needs. With an impressive range of electric bicycles and scooters featuring cutting-edge technology, they are set for continued success in Europe’s growing electric vehicle market.

The company’s commitment to product development is evident through its extensive research into user needs and market trends. By investing heavily in this area while expanding production capacities further into Europe’s emerging markets, MS Energy is poised for even greater growth opportunities ahead.

Overall, MS Energy’s dedication to quality products that exceed expectations sets it apart from competitors in this rapidly evolving industry sector. As more consumers seek sustainable transportation options that fit seamlessly into their daily lives


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