Students from Bishop Dunn school experience hands-on science experiments led by older students

Mount Saint Mary College Leads Hands-On Science Event at Bishop Dunn Memorial School in Newburgh

Bishop Dunn Memorial School in Newburgh recently hosted a hands-on science event for young scholars, led by Mount Saint Mary College students. The college students, under the guidance of Jodie Fahey, an associate professor of Chemistry at the Mount, mentored the children in small projects that explored the pH of various household liquids and encouraged them to form their own hypotheses.

Bishop Dunn Memorial School is located on the Mount campus and has been dedicated to the holistic development of children from pre-kindergarten through eighth grade since its founding in 1883. The school focuses on academic, spiritual, emotional, social, and physical growth.

One of the highlights of the event was a density experiment conducted by Mount Saint Mary College student Ashley Leonor from New Windsor, N.Y. The experiment captured the attention of Bishop Dunn Memorial School students and demonstrated the fun and exciting side of science.

The Mount has maintained a strong partnership with Bishop Dunn for many years, with Mount Education students regularly participating in fieldwork at the school under the guidance of experienced Bishop Dunn faculty. Many Mount graduates also go on to work at Bishop Dunn, further strengthening the bond between the two educational institutions. For example, Principal Nancy Benfer is a Mount alumna from the class of 2004.


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