Merck from Germany and Korean science institute collaborate on research and development partnership

Merck-KAIST Collaboration Aims to Propel the Life Sciences Industry in Korea

In a bid to enhance progress in the field of life sciences, German science and technology major Merck has agreed to collaborate with the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST). The partnership was formalized with a non-binding memorandum of understanding announced recently, with the goal of advancing the research and development ecosystem in South Korea for industrial applications.

As part of the collaboration, Merck will be providing products from its chemistry and biology portfolios to researchers at KAIST for use in their laboratories. Additionally, the company will offer development opportunities for KAIST researchers to further their skills and expertise in the field. A joint experience lab will also be established in Korea as part of the agreement.

Matthias Heinzel, an executive at Merck, emphasized the importance of collaboration with KAIST in accelerating the biotechnology sector for both local and global applications. He noted that advancing research and training the next generation of scientists is crucial for discovering new medicines to address the needs of a global population. This, he added, is how science can have a meaningful impact on life and health worldwide.

Earlier this year, Merck had announced a significant investment of €300 million ($324 million) in Korea to construct a new bioprocessing production facility in Daejeon. This investment demonstrates the company’s commitment to expanding its presence in Korea and advancing its capabilities in the field of life sciences.


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