Maine baseball team sets new world record for largest whoopie pie

Maine Baseball Team Breaks Guinness World Record for Longest Line of Whoopie Pies with Collaborative Effort

A Guinness World Record for the longest line of whoopie pies was set by a Maine baseball team last year. The Portland Sea Dogs worked with the Maine Whoopie Pie Festival and Wicked Whoopies to attempt this feat in June, but it took several months to have it officially verified.

On Tuesday, the team will receive an official certificate recognizing their achievement. A total of 2,121 whoopie pies were used to create the record-breaking line. The whoopie pies were originally arranged in a straight line before being reorganized to form a giant whoopie pie that was served to attendees at the baseball team’s field.

Whoopie pies are a beloved Maine delicacy made up of two cookie-shaped cake pieces with a cream filling sandwiched in between. This accomplishment not only highlights the love for this sweet treat but also showcases the teamwork and collaboration among the different organizations involved in setting the record.


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