Antonio Pierce expresses deep disappointment over Josh Jacobs’ departure: “That really stings”

Losing Key Player Josh Jacobs Leaves Las Vegas Raiders Coaching Staff Disappointed, But Respects His Decision to Move On

In 2023, the Las Vegas Raiders head coach Antonio Pierce expressed his disappointment at losing running back Josh Jacobs, who had been a vital part of the team for five successful seasons. Despite his connection to the Raiders, Pierce understood that decisions in the NFL often come down to business. The famous saying “money talks, BS walks” played a role in Jacobs’ decision to move to the Packers as a free agent.

Pierce acknowledged that the departure of Josh Jacobs, who rushed for 805 yards and scored six touchdowns in just 13 games in 2023, was particularly impactful for the team. However, he wished him well in his future endeavors. The year prior, Josh had led the league with impressive stats including 1,653 rushing yards and 2,053 yards from scrimmage, showcasing his talent and importance to the Raiders.


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