Taylor Bradley is being required to undergo a third mental health evaluation.

Lincoln Woman Faces Another Mental Health Evaluation in 2023 after Not Guilty Verdict for Murder

In 2023, a Lincoln woman who was found not guilty of murder by reason of insanity will be undergoing another mental health evaluation. 28-year-old Taylor Bradley was arrested and charged with two counts of first-degree murder after being found guilty of running over two maintenance workers at The Lodge Apartments. Investigations at the complex revealed that the men were killed while walking on a path near the parking lot, and Bradley’s car struck them from behind.

Bradley’s family members have confirmed the identities of the two men who were killed in the incident. One maintenance worker escaped being hit by her car and later quit his job at The Lodge. Bradley has been housed in Lancaster County Jail since her arrest, awaiting a bed at the Lincoln Regional Center for an evaluation and treatment plan. After the evaluation, she will be sent back to jail with an evaluation report and treatment plan submitted to the court before the end of August 23rd when a hearing is scheduled for her case.

This is not Bradley’s first time at the Regional Center for a mental health evaluation. She has undergone three evaluations since her arrest, with investigations revealing that she was experiencing delusions, manic episodes, and psychosis during her attack on Chris Karmazin and Ronald Gonzalez. The judge ruled that despite these findings, Bradley may pose a danger to herself or others in the foreseeable future, leading to an order for a new evaluation and treatment plan.

The case continues to unfold as Bradley undergoes further evaluation and treatment for her mental health condition, raising questions about how long it will take for her to regain control over her behavior and actions in society once released from jail or rehabilitation facilities.


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