Former world athletics champion Barber assaulted on Paris train

Legendary Athlete Eunice Barber Assaulted on Paris Suburban Train: A Reminder to Stand Against Violence

Eunice Barber, a world heptathlon champion and long jump gold medalist at the 2003 world championships, was attacked on a Paris suburban train. A police source said that Barber, who is of Sierra Leonean descent and has lived in France since childhood, received minor injuries after being punched in the face by a drunken passenger during a journey from Franconville to central Paris.

The incident happened after Barber, 49 years old, asked the passenger to lower their voice on their phone while traveling through the train. She then filed a complaint with police after receiving “two blows to the face,” resulting in a slight injury to her right cheekbone. A 43-year-old man was arrested when the train arrived at Gare du Nord station.

Despite facing this traumatic experience, Barber remains resilient and determined to pursue justice for the assault she faced. The incident serves as a reminder of how important it is to stand up against such acts of violence and ensure the safety of all individuals, regardless of their status or achievements.

Barber is well-known for her impressive track and field record, having won five world medals over the course of her career. Paris will host the Summer Olympics from July 26th to August 11th, and it’s likely that she will be watching from afar as one of France’s most celebrated athletes.


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