Lane restrictions for work zone set to begin on Thursday along I-24 Business Loop/U.S. 60 in downtown Paducah

Lane Restriction Set to Begin on Downtown Paducah’s Interstate 24 Business Loop/U.S. 60 Starting Thursday

In downtown Paducah, a lane restriction is set to begin on the Interstate 24 Downtown Business Loop/U.S. 60 starting on Thursday. The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet’s contractor anticipates that the work will take approximately one week to complete, provided weather conditions remain favorable.

During this time, drivers should be aware of lane restrictions at the Broadway intersections with Third Street and Fourth Street in Paducah. The contractor will focus on painting traffic signal poles, bases, and support arms as part of the maintenance work. As a result, traffic will be reduced to one lane as drivers approach Broadway on the northbound one-way section of Third Street and southbound section of Fourth Street.

Drivers are advised to exercise caution around equipment, flaggers, and workers during the movement and placement of equipment. Delays are expected during this process, so it is essential to plan ahead and be patient while driving in the area. Motorists should follow any instructions provided by flaggers or personnel in the work zone to ensure their safety and the safety of others on the road.

The lane restriction and maintenance work are crucial for improving infrastructure and ensuring motorist safety in downtown Paducah. By following these guidelines, drivers can help reduce delays and improve their driving experience during this time of construction.


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