Israeli Army confirms Hamas’ number 3 killed in Gaza attack last month

Key Hamas Member Marwan Issa and Commander Ghazi Abu Tamaa Killed in Targeted Airstrikes in Gaza, Sparking International Concern

During an airstrike in the Nuseirat refugee camp in Gaza, the Israeli Army confirmed the death of Marwan Issa, a key member of Hamas. Issa was reportedly the ‘number two’ of Mohamed Deif and played a role in organizing attacks on October 7 that resulted in numerous casualties. His death was announced by the White House National Security Advisor, Jake Sullivan.

The October 7 attacks led Israel to launch its offensive, resulting in thousands of Palestinian casualties in Gaza and the West Bank. The Ministry of Health in Gaza has reported over 32,300 deaths, with additional casualties from Israeli security forces and settlers. The ongoing conflict has sparked international concern and condemnation.

The targeted airstrikes in Gaza have also claimed the life of Commander Ghazi Abu Tamaa, another senior Hamas member. These losses have disrupted Hamas’ leadership and coordination, but the conflict continues unabated as both sides continue their military actions. The situation remains volatile, with civilians bearing the brunt of the violence and insecurity. Despite efforts for peace and dialogue, it appears challenging to bring an end to the ongoing violence and bloodshed.


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