Robert Kennedy Jr. Reveals His Chosen Vice Presidential Running Mate

Kennedy Runs Independent for President: Exploring his Vice Presidential Candidate, Affiliate Marketing Trends, Music Promotion for Indie Artists, Logo Design Inspiration, Ticket Selling Fees and More

Kennedy, the son of Senator Bobby Kennedy who was assassinated in 1968 and the nephew of President John F. Kennedy who was assassinated five years earlier, is an environmental lawyer. He is known as a staunch opponent of vaccines and also promotes conspiracy theories. Initially registered as a candidate in the Democratic primaries for the presidency, Kennedy announced last October that he would run independently. Now, with the announcement of his vice presidential candidate, Kennedy is working on collecting signatures in at least 23 states to have his name appear on the ballot in November alongside candidates Joe Biden and Donald Trump. Currently, he is only listed on the notes in Utah.

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Kennedy’s independent bid has generated significant interest from voters looking for an alternative choice to traditional political parties. As he campaigns across the country, Kennedy’s message resonates with many people who feel disillusioned by mainstream politics.

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