Extradition of Assange to the US delayed

Julian Assange’s Extradition Pause: A Fight for Journalistic Freedom and Mental Health

Julian Assange has been granted a temporary reprieve from extradition to the United States. The British justice system has requested new guarantees from the US regarding his treatment before agreeing to extradition. British judges have given the American authorities three weeks to provide these assurances.

Assange, who is wanted by the US for leaking over 700,000 classified documents, including a video showing civilians being killed in Iraq, has been in custody since 2019. There have been calls for US President Joe Biden to drop the charges against Assange as his supporters raise concerns about his health and risk of suicide if he is extradited.

During recent court hearings, Assange’s lawyers argued that the case against him was politically motivated and that he was being prosecuted for normal journalistic practices. The US government, however, contends that Assange knowingly published names of individuals who served as sources of information for the United States, setting him apart from traditional media outlets.

While initially ruling in favor of Assange’s extradition in January 2021, concerns about his mental health led to a later reversal of the decision. The US has sought to address these concerns by offering assurances that Assange will not be held in maximum security and will have access to necessary medical and psychological care. They have also opened the possibility of him serving his sentence in Australia.

Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese denounced the US prosecution of Assange and called for an end to persecution. Supporters continue to rally around Assange as the legal battle continues, expressing their solidarity during court hearings. As fate remains uncertain for Julian Assange as he fights against extradition and for his right to freedom of expression.


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