Protesters in Amman call for an end to agreements with Israel

Jordanians Protest Against Israeli Aggression for Second Night in a Row

For the second night in a row, thousands of Jordanians gathered in the capital to protest against Israel. The crowd was determined to make their voices heard and demand action from their government to stop Israeli aggression against the Palestinian people.

The police and gendarmerie worked tirelessly to prevent the crowd from approaching the Israeli embassy, but it was not enough. Two demonstrators were arrested after attempting to break through the security forces’ cordon. The website reported that more than 10 thousand people participated in the demonstration organized by a youth organization.

The protesters were demanding practical measures from their government to stop Israeli aggression against Palestinians. They called for an end to all agreements with Israel, including the peace treaty (Wadi Arba agreement) and the gas agreement. They also demanded that Amman ban land deliveries of goods from Persian Gulf countries and prohibit exports of vegetables. also reported that demonstrators believed Amman should sever military cooperation with the United States, which they held responsible for aggression in Gaza Strip. In addition, protesters urged their government to open borders for Jordanian youth who wanted to join the Palestinian resistance movement.


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